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Friday, July 23, 2010
duck & cover
The other morning, Alexander woke up just after six - still waaaayyy too early for me. He started yelling for me, and so i zombied on into his room. With my eyes mostly closed, i reached into his crib and picked him up. He was wet. Very wet. Not really caring, as it's happened plenty of times, i slowly inched over to the changing table. Alexander was unusually quiet. He wasn't squirming, he wasn't talking. Just still. Once again, i didn't really care. Thoughts of my head slowly hitting my pillow again filled my mind. I unzipped his pajamas and that's when i noticed something amiss.

His diaper was down, wrapped around his right knee. His entire bottom & midsection were soaked through. And there was this slime all over him, his belly, his legs, everywhere. Upon further investigation, i discovered clumps of white clumpy jel all over the place - even all the way down in his pajama-foot. This white globulous substance with a consistency of minced, wet jello. You could hardly even pick the stuff up, as it would slip around your fingers. WHAT THE HECK WAS GOING ON?!?!
Well, i quickly figured it out.

His diaper had literally EXPLODED.

I don't have any possible clue as to what or how it happened. The pouch in the middle was completely torn appart and that absorbent stuff (that i thought was supposed to be cloth) is really jel. This jel went everywhere. It's still a total mystery as to what happened that fateful night. It's never happened before, and it's never happened since.

Regarding the subject of the story, I'm happy to say that he mad it out alive.

Alexander is also doing just fine.

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maggie  posted on  Monday, July 26, 2010

insanity... a little scary as to what's really in those diapers anyway!!!

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