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Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Awesome Independence Day!
It started out pretty mundane. Went to church in the morning and then made a big delicious scrambled egg breakfast with a huge side of fruit. But then it got interesting. Sarah, Alexander and i decided to go down to the beach to see what was cookin' there.

First WOW
Packed. Insanely so. I've lived by the beach, and know how packed it gets on Jult 4th. But today was insane. It was a crowd one sees at a live concert. Perhaps it was that i haven't gotten down to Hermosa in a while and i forgot what the scene looks like. The entire beach was seething with people, excited, dressed up, and even drunk! We swung by a party on Second street & the strand and it was absolute crazyness. People were dressed up like super heros and partying like ones too. Of course with Alexander in tow we couldn't participate (at least fully) in the celebration, so we camped out in a spot just out front and Alexander got his play time in the sand. We caught up with some friends, and then unfortunately had to cut it short & head home to put the little guy down for a nap.

We recently moved to Del Aire, a small un-incorporated area of Hawthorne. This would be our first July 4th there. As many of you know (and love), i am an avid fan of the famed fire-in-the-sky, better known as the little old firework. There's not much IMHO that beats a a lovely display of fireworks. Whether you're happy or sad, fireworks can cure most all ills. Even when i lived in Hermosa & Redondo i would find, um, 'clever' ways to get around the ludicrous "bans" on fireworks. No one would stop me from expressing my right to celebrate the independence of our beloved country!
Well, it turns out that despite a large number of cities banning these happy-makers, Hawthorne does NOT. This should be sweet. But even i was taken back by the possibilities.

Second WOW
The neighborhood got a permit from LA county and blocked of the entire street. MY street! About 4 BLOCKS WORTH. What did they fill it with? Let me tell you. Pure, good old fashioned fun. There were bouncy castles and water slides. ATVs and bicycles abound. Children of ALL ages running around from house to house having the most awesome time. Music mixed with the sweet smell of bar-B-ques and filled the air with that blessed sensation known as summertime. Water balloons flew by while the children let off fireworks in the street. EVERYONE was having a blast.
I invited a few close friends and we grilled up some ribs and enjoyed the time as well. As soon as the sun started going down, that's when the real fun began. The banging and popping got louder and more frequent.
Fireworks to the left! Snaps to the right! BOOM up above!
For about 3 hours straight, not a few seconds would go by without fireworks lighting up the sky. There we so many of them you didn't know where to look! So much FUN (and smoke)! After about 9, we lit of the ones we bought, and after 10, things died down. But just a little! Fireworks still went shooting up into the air well into the wee hours of the next day. It was a pyro's dream; THE place to be on such a wonderful, family-friendly day.

I officially love where i live.

Happy Birthday America!!!

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Jen the awesome  posted on  Wednesday, July 7, 2010

wow that sounds really cool mark! i really need to come up and visit

peggyb  posted on  Monday, July 19, 2010

thanks for the 4thentry-just like i member in the 50's and in the 70-80's with sari-bari.What a fantastic day & night for your 1st 4th in your new abode.

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