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Thursday, May 27, 2010
Southern Redux
So i just returned from a bachelor party in New Orleans. All i can really say is WOW. The first time i ever went, i ended up having an amazing time and making two stellar friends out of it. One of those friends, Billiam, decided to go off and get married. And what better place than New Orleans?!

The stories i have could go on forever. But for the moment, lets just say it was awesome. Met a couple of pretty chill guys out of it, too. A 24-7 party from the moment we got there to the moment we left. This awesome weekend coincided with another sweet event, the yearly Jazz Festival! Despite the mud mud mud, seeing Simon & Garfunkel live was quite a treat, and that's definitely not a lie (LIE!). This leads me to my latest lesson learned.

Lesson # 162 : If you plan on leaving a party city ridiculously early, make sure you make your flight.

Had i not been for that, the weekend would have been perfect.

Great times with great friends. Thanks to all!

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