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Tuesday, March 8, 2005
dreams dreams dreams
Dreams dreams dreams, what do they all mean? Last night i dreamt that i was at my friend Brandon's house (from grade school). I started looking through some books he had on his bookshelf, and i found some old books from the late 70's. They were picture books of a film crew making a movie. The movie was called (during production) "The girl from Okinawa." It had Carrie Fisher in it (that was my friend's mom) and another girl. This other lady was young and beautiful. As i looked closer, i realized that the other woman was my mom! I come to find out that she was going to share the star role, so she gave Hoag Hospital where she worked as a nurse a 3-month notice. The hospital then came back and said no, she couldn't quit, so my mom had to leave the film crew. The director couldn't find another girl to play the role, so he just shot Carrie. Here's the kicker - the movie title was changed post-production, and is now know as Star Wars!!!!!!!!

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