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Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Mr. Hankey the Irish Poop
Hip Hip Hurray! Just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

I've been training Alexander for weeks to go poop on the toilet. I told him, "Alexander, when you have to poop, what do you say?"
"poo poo" was the response.
No, no, you say "Toilet, Toilet."

He's been peeing just fine on the pot, but the poop was always a no-show. I even offered him marshmallows!
And then i come home yesterday, and Sarah, with a gleam in her eye, informs me of the first successful drop. "It was so easy!" she said.
It took me weeks of training for the big moment. WEEKS! And he poops for her!?

Well, i for one am proud of the little guy. (Alexander, not the poop.)
One of the top 5 banes of child rearing is wiping poop off of your child's bottom daily.

So, here's to a clean and good smelling future!

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