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Wednesday, March 10, 2010
another one bites the dust
Our latest dead celebrity: Corey Haim

They're dropping like flies.
Casey Johnson age 30, prescription meds
Brittany Murphy age 32, prescription meds
Jennifer Lyn Jackson age 41, drug overdose
Andrew Koenig age 42, suicide

This all may sound cold, but i'm getting real sick of these self-absorbed actors' sob stories of how hard life has been for them. They starred in a movie or show when they were young, made more money in a few years than most of us will ever see in a lifetime, and then piss it all away on drugs until they finally go bankruptcy. Going in and out of rehab, they'll almost do anything to stay on the front page. The problem is that they have this one 'star' role to which they cling to for the rest of their miserable lives. No other accomplishments are needed!
"Ooh, look at me, i'm Corey Haim! I'm super famous for a stupid movie i filmed in grade school back in 1984! Love me!"
Well, i for one am not buying it. And obviously enough people agreed to make this particular 'teen idol' completely irrelevant to the point of ruining his own life. You know, life is hard enough as it is without your arrogance and sense of entitlement leaking all over the place. Get a job like the rest of us and do something with your life. Or at least try to set an example.
You had a chance, and a great start.
what a waste.

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