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Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Best Gift EVER!
My best bud steve came over to see the new diggs a few nights ago. I showed him around the house and all the work i did. He was impressed, of course.
And then he sprung the best possible housewarming/Christmas gift on me: a brand new Playstation 3!!!
Man, was i speechless! I've wanted this thing way back since it first came out in 2005! I've simply been way too busy lately to ene think about shopping around for this, and perhaps it will give me an excuse to slow things down a bit and actually relax in my new home. In addition, the best game ever came out a few months ago for the PS3.

Of course i immediately needed to get it and thanks to good ol' craigslist, got the game, brand spanking new, for half price. Now i can rock out with my you know what!
(the answer is 'guitar' for you sickos out there)

I am extremely grateful to stevie for this gift.
Thank you!
...now you all know where you can find me... :)

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