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Wednesday, January 6, 2010
Bye Bye Toluca Lake
I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to apartment #210. A lot of memories were made in that little place, on the second floor. Some good, some bad. I'll try to throw out a few, as a final serenade to ye olde Toluca Lake.

Oh, our apartment. With the forever dusty balcony and the super nice neighbors. The new parents just like us to help us through the tough spots. The "free" internet that was spotty at best. The garbage trucks that rolled on by the apartment much too frequently. The local dogs that pissed and peed all over the place. The fireplace with holes that let the rats into the living room. The fatty that got stuck under the fridge. That awesome couch that then became their home.
Many nights spent watching movies. Many nights spent on the couch. Many sad night arguing and shouting. Many happy nights, with wine and delicious food. Many nights with yummy seasonal beers & ales. Many mornings with hangovers.
The cursed commute. Oh, how i will not miss thee. So much time. So much of my life TAKEN from me, given to strangers, miscreants, metro-riders. Why did THEY deserve it? No more. This time now goes to to my family, my home, myself, my SON.
This was where he was born. Oh, how he grew so quickly. The apartment just couldn't contain the little guy. He longed to go on walks outside. 'Get me OUT' he clamored! He loved the strolls, the neighborhood sights, the snowman & the penguin.
His first solid food: peas! His first steps. His first words.
Many, many falls, and spills, and bumps. Thank goodness for that carpet!

Even though we've lived there for almost two years, i'm not sad. Not even a little bit. We've got a bigger place. A BETTER place. A place with a HUGE yard for him to run in and play, all day and all night. A safe place. He can be a boy. With a dog. And soon, some chickens & ducks!
The future is so bright, and so... POSSIBLE!
This is our little niche in California. This is now the new place MY family can call home.


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