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Monday, December 28, 2009
I knew we'd fit!
I am happy to announce that we are finally moved in to our new house!
It took 3 movers just under NINE HOURS to move the entire apartment into the house.
I will concede, however, that at least some of the time was due to the skinny stairwell (the apartment was on the second floor). But really, there was just too much stuff. Using extreme care in my methodology, and meticulously applying the scientific method, a custom single-purpose algorithm of my own creation has helped me determine within 1/100th % the exact breakdown of ownership of crap moved from the apartment:

It can be clearly seen from this very scientific Pie Chart who the culprit is. The problem, outside of the latent pack-rat tendencies derived from her mother, is Sarah's aptly named "Closet of Shame." This was a MASSIVE space, deemed a 'closet' by some mischievous architect, that allowed Sarah to stockpile and save many many things that should have otherwise found their way over to a donation pile. This closet, along with her bedroom closet and the closet in the other bedroom, was home to waaaaaayyyy too much stuff. So now, with our house mostly livable, we have these fun things to go through:

The guestroom/office:

And the garage:

I know, i know, it's quite shameful. But Sarah and i have made a solemn pledge to get each get rid of exactly 1/3 of our items. Whether it be Craigslist, donations, or simply the dumpster, we refuse to be slaves to our crap!!

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bomb  posted on  Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First- I enjoy your tiki sidebar offerings. They make me smile and think or vice versa. okok she comes by her packrat tendencies naturally . Also from her father, I might add.hmm perhaps saving critters is the flip side of saving things...food for thought.Also mr.13% don't you have a huge storage unit in mission viejo?okok she's got stuff in mpls probably enough to fill alex's closet to the ceiling but my guess is that your stuff would fill more space. harumph

maggie  posted on  Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yeah... SOMEONE doesn't dump all their excess stuff at their parents house!!!!!!!

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