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Monday, March 7, 2005
new tech
Last night i installed a SIRIUS satellite radio system in my brother-in-laws car. The most difficult part of it was the antenna. I had to wind and weave this thing all over the place. I ended up even drilling a hole in the trunk! Wiring the antenna alone took me about two hours. Once that was done, the rest was pretty straightforward. I am actually surprised how easy it all was. The docking cradle for the receiver has a built in FM transmitter, so you can simply select the radio station, and walla, it works. Activation was just one phone call away, and within 3 minutes, i was listening to all sorts of stations. And $10 a month ain't bad at all. Overall, this is a pretty sweet system if you enjoy the programming and their selection of music. I would never get one of these for myself, however. (Who picked the name, for one!?) Nothing beats making many MP3 CDs of 200 songs each you know you'll like for whatever possible mood you might be in.

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