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Wednesday, November 25, 2009
New Windows!
Yay! We got our new windows today!
We ordered them from American Vision Windows, and decided to go with top of the line Anlin double-hung windows. I LOVE em! They're smooth, yet really solid. They look great and decreased the noise down from outside by at LEAST 50%! In Alexander's bedroom, we moved one of the windows so that we could eventually add on the the back of the house without having to disturb his room. That meant that a big, fat hole had to be cut out of a side wall, new supports & framing had to be added, and then the area around the frame needed to be stuccoed. Of course, that means I did all the work. By MYSELF.
Well, with just a little bit of internet research, here's how she looks:

Not bad, if I may say so.

In addition to the window, they added a nice exterior aluminum frame for all of the windows (even the existing front ones). They call it 'coil wrapping' and it made the outside of the house look fantastic. I'll show some more pictures soon.

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