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Thursday, December 3, 2009
move in - delayed
So as you can imagine, we were supposed to already be moved into our new place.
There is still a TON of work to be done on the house. We still have no kitchen.
The good news is that all of our stuff has arrived and is sitting in our living room in boxes - appliances and cabinets. All we have to do is get a finished kitchen to put them in.
The wall colors have been picked out and the paints have been purchased. We'll start painting two of the rooms today, and the kitchen hopefully by this weekend. I still need to sand the walls, put on another coat of joint compound, and then of course, sand again. Once that is finished, the floors can go in, followed by the cabinets.
We're gonna shoot for next weekend (Dec 12) as the move date. Keep your fingers crossed!

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