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Thursday, September 10, 2009
I'm FIVE !
Today is a proud day for me.
It's the official 5th anniversary of MarkZak.com!
I've somehow managed to not only survive myself, but also live to tell the tale. Way back in September of 2004, i posted my very first post. It was my realization that my web page need a serious update. It used to only have a few links and a place that i could store temporary files. Of course, this is the time before flash drives were ubiquitous. The vision was that it would be a place for me to share my life with those who were interested. My thoughts, my dreams, my rants, my raves, and any neat things i came across on the internet. It was also a place that i could post pictures of neat things for people to check out. It was going to be, you know, a personal web page.

Even one year and over 150 posts later, i was quite happy of how it turned out. We currently average about 400 hundred visitors a month from all over the world, with the vast majority being from the US.
Continuing the story...
...then came My Space, a menace which threatened to sideline my site into the history bin. Social networking took off. I was asked to join dozens of times, but i refused and trudged on. A year later, Facebook became the new "got to have it" website. People constantly tout the benefits of being connected to everyone you have ever run across in your life. They constantly tell me to join up and get an account. It's a place where you can posts pictures and comment on your friends pictures, and let the whole world know you're a part of something big.
Well, i'm not interested.
There. I said it.
Why? well, i won't be party to the some fad or passing craze. In another two years, there will be yet another "social networking" site that i just must join. And two years after that, MyFace or whatever-it's-called will be bought out by some massive advertising conglomerate, and people will get disenfranchised, and stop using the site all together. Eventually, they'll either delete their accounts or the site will simply go out of business. All of your posts. All of your pictures. Gone.
And see that's the beauty of MarkZak.com. I have complete control over all of the content, and it will be around for as long as i am. I won't pester you to by the latest GM car, or offer you a great weight-loss supplement. There will NEVER be ads on MarkZak.com.
Just me and my thoughts.

But good sites need new features, and thus i present the following modifications, fresh for 2009 to my site:
- A wider page. This larger format is to take advantage of the abundance of wide-screen monitors, and allows me to post larger pictures for your viewing pleasure. No more squinting here!

- A search button! Yes, you can now search all the posts since the very beginning of MarkZak.com. Just click on the button to the left!

- Tags! Each post will now be 'tagged' with a category it belongs to, such as "tech" or "about me". Thus, as part of the search engine, you have the option to search through posts by their category tag.

- Larger secret identity and comment box fields. This makes sure your full identity is shown, and improves readability of longer comments (which are always welcome).

- A 'continue reading older posts' link at the bottom of the page which will briskly take you back to the previous month's posts for uninterrupted reading.

- Refreshed links. After a few years, most sites change the place they display their information & stories. Links get lost or stories get deleted (Yahoo is a pretty big culprit). So i've taken the liberty to go through all past links (there were a LOT!) and make sure that they point to where they're supposed to.

- Random minor cosmetic touch-ups
That's it here. But if you have any suggestions, ANY AT ALL, please leave a comment below and let me know what i can do to improve your MarkZak.com experience. All suggestions are welcome!

Well that's it for this awesome numbered anniversary. I'm glad your here, and stick around.
The future is an exciting place!

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borat  posted on  Thursday, September 10, 2009


secret identity  posted on  Thursday, September 10, 2009

great, i have been looking at this for 5 years.... :) love you mark and it was great seeing you on sunday

mozul  posted on  Friday, September 11, 2009

one word: RSS!

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