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Monday, August 17, 2009
technology in 20 years?
Due to my fam being away for an extended visit in Minnesota, i've had a significant amount of free time. To myself. I've been doing nothing but sitting around watching movies and screwing around on the computer. And it's everything i ever thought it could be!
Being a huge technology & Sci-fi fan, yesterday i pulled a double feature and saw two great sci-fi movies. One a thriller, and the other more of a standard adventure.

Both of these movies were simply fantastic, but D-9 really hit the nail on the head. I had NO idea where that movie was going, and it had me at the edge of my seat a few times. The theater was TOTALLY PACKED, and some of the scenes drew massive gasps and cheers from the crowd. And when it comes to fast-paced sci-fi action, nothing beats the big screen.

So these movies really got me thinking. HOPING, in fact. Technology moves fast. Real fast. Will I ever live to see the day when nano-mites are used routinely to cure cancer whilst simultaneously cause mass destruction? Or perhaps space ships of the future that have astounding visual/neural interfaces and hover capabilities?
Unfortunately, probably not. There's no question that we have come a LOOOONG way. The internet is barely a decade old (as far as semi-mainstream use goes), and already we have access to billions of pieces of data literally at our fingertips. Cell phones have shrunk from cinder-block size to smaller than a deck of cards, while simultaneously being able to access the internet, play music & TV, and schedule your life. The next 10-20 years of technology will astound us, with gadgets being commonly used that no one has yet even though of. But unless we make some significant gains in understanding the physics of the world around us, I fear that the awesomeness that I experience on the screen will be just that: a dream.

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