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Monday, June 29, 2009
Today the mystical Bernie Madoff got his sentence. 150 years for running the largest ponzi scheme in the history of the US.
Good ol' Bernie plead for leniency, but it was rejected by the judge.

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Did this swindler deserve what he got? Of course. Did the people whom he schemed have more money than brains? Yup. Had they done their due diligence and not been blinded by their slobbering greed, perhaps they could have figured things out far sooner.

None the less, this all serves as a distraction. Bernie Madoff is simply a scapegoat. He happened to be guilty, but he's still a scapegoat. Sure he swindled a couple of billion dollars from private investors. However the bigger issue is who has been swindling us, the TAXPAYERS.
And that is the Federal Reserve & the banks.

While personal investments of taxpayers have been destroyed, a massive handout by the name of TARP was handed over to the banks, the insurance companies, and the car companies. We may never see these billions again, yet the banks have the gall to announce first quarter profits, AFTER the bailout! Don't be fooled by any sort of satisfaction & justice that you may feel was won today. The Madoffs of the world will come and go, but the crooks in Washington are here to stay.

We have yet to get OUR justice.

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