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Wednesday, May 20, 2009
What did i do to deserve THIS!?
I have 2 Aluminum Alloy 14" Wheels available from a 94' Ford Ranger. For sale on CraigsList.

Why only 2, you may ask? Well, turns out that's all people want these days.

And by people, i mean the ass-wipes who stole my two front wheels in the middle of the night. On a Tuesday. So i come down in the morning at 8am to go to work and BAM! No front wheels. Instead, the car's jacked up, on two lifts (no cinder blocks available, apparently) and the front two wheels are gone. I know, i know. That's what i get. For owning a car that's FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. Not to mention it was parked inside the LOCKED garage underneath my apartment complex. Surrounded by cars easily worth 5 times the value of my truck. But NOOOooo. We want your Ford Ranger Aluminum Alloy 14" wheels. And only the FRONT two.

Spent all day driving around the salvage yards. Picked up 4 cheap-o steel wheels for $100, and two Firestone tires for $50. Paid $20 to have them installed.
Total cost: $170.

Friggin' Ridiculous.

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Steve's Gal  posted on  Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What the?!? OK, that's just stupid...does your parking garage have cameras? No one saw nothing?!? That's insane!

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