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Monday, May 11, 2009
Happy 1st Birthday Alexander!
Oh, how time flies. Just the other day i was partying it up in the South Bay. And now my boy is 1. Good lord. He is, however, the cutest darn thing you've ever laid your eyes on.
For his birthday, we went back to the same park in Hermosa Beach as last year. Kind of like a lil' reunion. It was a lot of fun. We got to see many people who hadn't seen him ever and that was pretty cool. He wasn't too jazzed about 30 some-odd strangers singing Happy Birthday to him, and the poor thing started to cry. But he quickly recovered, and had a smile on his little cheeks for the rest of the evening. He got a TON of new toys, and he's busily playing with each and every one of them. Carefully examining them, he tries to figure out just what is going on with these things. He's gonna be a great engineer one day, just like his father.
So I figured i'd throw a little Alexander Update in here about what he's doing and where he's goin'.
The big news is that he's walking. His progress really has been astounding over the last two weeks. He's gone from taking a few steps here and there, to being able to walk just fine for minutes on end, and usually only falls when he trips on something, such as a toy. He's getting faster, and i fear the day when the little tyke will be full fledged running. Then not only will Alexander lose all of his baby fat (i call him my little Polish Saussage), but daddy will lose all of his recently gained baby fat chasing the bugger around the apartment & the park. He can now say da da & ma ma. He's stopped waving, but likes doing high-fives. He snorts when he laughs.
Ok, lets do a list of current favorites.

Alexander Loves:
- bananas
- cheese
- tomatoes (oddly enough)
- swinging on the baby swing in the park
- spoons
- pushing Tonka trucks around on the floor
- bath time
- putting rocks in his mouth

Alexander Hates:
- being taken out of the swing in the park (we coin toss to see who takes him out - it's not pretty)
- diaper changes (oh, but daddy loves that... )
- his car seat
- his mouth getting wiped off after meals

It's not too bad of a list. As long as there's more likes than dislikes, i'll consider it a win.

Well, if you were able to make it to his birthday, i hope you had a great time, and thank you for coming!
Check out these pictures from the party.

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maggie  posted on  Monday, May 18, 2009

when did he stop waving?!

dan  posted on  Thursday, May 21, 2009

what a cute little baby!

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