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Monday, April 6, 2009
Stupid Sheisty Metro
So... I go to get my monthly pass today at the grocery store. This, I must say, is probably the only redeeming thing about the Metro. I buy a monthly pass at the beginning of the month, and put it in my wallet. Its good for all lines. When a guard person stops me and asks to see a pass, I pull out my wallet, and show it to them. Pretty easy. This saves me from having to every morning put $5 into the machine for a day pass.

Well, the morons who run the Metro have come to the misguided conclusion that they're not making as much money from fines as they can. So get this, they've DONE AWAY WITH THE MONTHLY PASS. That's right. After using the passes for 13 months with no problems what's so ever, they are getting rid of a perfectly good thing. Instead, they have this retarded thing called a TAP card. What you have to do, is slide the thing on a reader each time you board a train. The "idea" here is that you can buy a bunch of tickets ahead of time and electronically put them on the TAP. Its great for students that take the metro every couple of days, but for me, its a horrible idea.

You can still buy a monthly pass, load it onto the TAP, and it gives you unlimited rides for that month. HOWEVER, you are required to swipe it at every stop!!! That's SIX swipes for me, every day. One for each line, both ways. Instead of having to just getting on the next connecting train, i now have to go out of my way to find a machine, stop & wait in lines to swap this lame card. And here's the kicker. If I don't swipe it? I GET A FINE. YEA! And there in lies the point. They're hoping that you fail to swipe so when they check, BAM. Ticket. It doesn't matter that you paid for a full month and have unlimited rides. Because you didn't swipe it, you get a $250 fine.
What a bunch of morons. You can claim that they're doing this to save paper. Well guess what, Kemosabe. Rather than having to apply for a TAP card, wait for it to arrive in the mail, load the darn thing monthly, and swipe it six times a day, it's easier to just buy a paper day pass once a day, in the morning.

Group think strikes again.

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