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Monday, April 6, 2009
Don't put THAT in your mouth
Alexander is now 11 months old. He's quite strong. We had these grey portable barriers blocking off unfriendly baby areas, such as bathrooms, the kitchen, and behind the couch. Well, being portable, they're by definition movable. And he-man Alexander can move em'. Hes quite determined to get into these places and pretty much always does.

I keep my phone behind the couch, by the door. It gets plugged in there for charging. Of course when babies invade, it makes a wonderful target. A long, quite exciting snake-like black cord, and when pulled, presents the miscreant with a reward in the form of a nice light show; the dying silent scream of my cell phone hitting the floor.
Well, two days ago the room is eerily still, I knew something to be immediately amiss. And there he was behind the couch with a long black cord running from his lips. I shriek and say "don't put THAT in your mouth!" I immediately pull it out, but its too late. To the delight of my devilish child, the phone charger no longer works.
My phone is dead.

Parenting Lesson #43 : babies & technology don't mix.

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maggie  posted on  Wednesday, May 6, 2009

obviously mommy didn't get this memo.

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