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Thursday, April 2, 2009
Tales from the Metro, Part IV
On the red line on the way home, I had the pleasure to have a whole row to myself. Until the next stop, of course. Here, two individuals boarded.I say individuals because they were about as individual as you can get.
The first one was what can only be described as a Rastafarian Gangsta. This 6 foot tall merry gentleman had 2 fool long dreads, a bight, bright red,yellow & green Bob Marley t shirt, a skull necklace hanging from his neck, and a pair of matching spiked wrist guards. What really sealed the deal is when he put on his ipod and started rocking out to death metal. Awesome.
The second individual was also quite interesting. It was a kid; probably around high school age. And he was dressed up as a doll. I kid you not. Curly brown wig, and all. His pasty white skin showcased the matte pink cheek makeup rather well. He had this starry-eyed look in his eyes, and was looking around, rocking his head, merrily trying to get in-touch with some inner part of himself that was clearly not there.

Only on the red line....

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