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Thursday, February 19, 2009
Joke O' the Day
So here's a little story to help explain exactly what's going on with the government's stimulus bill, and how politics works on capitol hill.
The White House fence is in need of some repair. A government politician decides to go out and get three competitive quotes for the job. He finds three contractors willing to do the job, one from Minneapolis, one from Nashville, and a third from Chicago.

The man from Minneapolis gives a quote for $800. "That's three hundred for the parts, four hundred for the labor, and one hundred for me."

The contractor from Tennessee thinks he can do better. "I'll do it for $700. Three hundred for the parts, three hundred for the labor, and one hundred for me."

Finally, the guy from Chicago whispers into the representative's ear: "I'll do it for $2,700."

The representative is aghast. "$2,700! That's outrageous! The other two quotes were far lower than that! How can you justify such a high price?"

The contractor from Chicago smiles, and again whispers into the politician's ear. "It's one thousand for you, one thousand for me, and seven hundred for the guy from Tennessee!"

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