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Friday, February 6, 2009
The Alexander Report, Part IV
Alexander is now 9 months old! Holy cow, that baby is an eating MACHINE! He has now ballooned to 3 baby-food-square meals a day, on top of breast feeding and getting bottles of formula. It's really a lot of food. And he lets us know about it too, with a large increase in POOP. Just the other day, i changed THREE poopy diapers before noon! I tried to tell him that was unacceptable, but he just won't listen.
He has developed a few nasty habits that we are hoping to temper as best we can.

1) He wakes up at 5am.
This one has simply got to go. It is ridiculous. We've tried putting him to bed later, and that didn't work. He's gets 'overtired.' If we put him to bed earlier, then he's got too much sleep, and wakes up earlier. So the best thing is to stuff him completely full with nice warm milk, sing him a lullaby, and hope for the best.

2) He is a rebel rousing mess maker.
In the morning, we'll introduce him to a living room that is clean and tidy. Within two hours, the place looks like a friggin' bonafide Kentucky Hurricane came rip-roaring through the room. Anything on any table/bookshelf that can be reached, is indiscriminately hurled to the floor. His toys are laid out like a minefield. Chairs are knocked over. Any tissues or magazines he gets his little paws on are ripped to shreds. He's simply too strong for his own good. I need to watch a few more episodes of Smallville to figure out how Superman's parents dealt with their little criminal...

3) He thinks he's a dog.
Poor, poor Bear. Always fighting for survival with this one. From all the way across the room, he spots the dog's food bowl. He kicks it up to overdrive and bolts straight for the dog food. Throwing his hands in the bowl, he begins placing each nugget of food into the water bowl, one at a time. Insanity. You leave the room to pee for 1 minute, and the dog's gonna starve. BAD DOG, Alexander.

Other than this, the kid's a pure saint. He spent his first Christmas in Minnesota over the holidays, and he hated the snow. Understandable. We went to the Zoo last week and he loved it. He hasn't been sick EVEN ONCE (since D-day ) and it's all because of the breast milk. Props to my awesome lady Sarah! He's got two bottom front teeth in now! He looks like an upside-down rabbit. He can stand holding on to anything, but can't walk yet. He's a crazy-fast learner, and I give him a solid 60 days until he's darting back and forth on only two legs! That's going to be an adventure.
Well, that's it for now.
Stay tuned for next time!

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Konrad  posted on  Sunday, February 8, 2009

I think 6:00 AM is a perfect time for Alexander to wake up - most kids do the same. It also is perfect time for the daddy Mark to get up and go to work...

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