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Friday, January 23, 2009
Obama Policy Watch
With all the hoopla surrounding Barack's new found Presidency, i will be keeping a close eye on what he's up to. Of course, i hope that he makes decisions that are good for our country. But unfortunately based on his speeches and his running platform, there are going to be really bad decisions in the near future.
Obama increases transparency in White House operations.    1 - 0
    While this is a great start to any administration that purposes to rain down regulations from above, it has the smell of being arbitrary and immeasurable. Especially seeing that Obama was able to run such a tight campaign that managed to avoid leaks and hold secrets. Of course, a few hours later he holds a second swearing-in - administered by Chief Justice John Roberts - in case the first one would be challenged. Oh, and did they mention that NO REPORTERS WERE ALLOWED!? We'll watch this one closely.
None the less, He gets an A for effort.
Transparency Promise    Not So Transparent Oath

Guantanamo Bay detention center to be closed.    1 - 1
     I'm all for a stop in torture. But when you purport to close the only secure facility in the world where you can hold enemy combatants, there's a big problem. The main one, being, of course, what do you do with the prisoners?! If you let the go, they go right back to killing you on the battlefield. The other option to bring them into the US? Oh yeah? And give them full rights afforded to citizens, including representation in court, food shelter, and then, eventually, citizenship? I don't think so. This plan is premature and clearly not thought out. As you can see, at least one prisoner released last year has become the head of a terrorist group.
Guantanamo to be Closed    Right Back in the Terrorist Game

Obama reverses abortion policy.    1 - 2
    Foreign aid to countries now can, once again, include money to pay for the murder of innocent babies. Wonderful. What can i even say about this?
Abortion Policy Change

So three days in office and this is what we have. These were the most pressing issues? As Clinton said, "it's the economy, stupid!" So, Mr. President, why don't you get on that issue that, you know, happens to be on every citizens mind right now!
There's still a chance to do the right thing, though! Say it with me.... HOPE.... CHANGE!

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