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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Sacramento Stupidity
The California State government is dumb as a rock. As of this week, they are projecting a $40 Billion budget shortfall for 2009. Wow. That's a lot of money. I have to live within my means, so why don't they? None the less, those genius's solution? They're talking about raising taxes. That's a wonderful idea. Lets see how California currently stacks up against other US states on taxes.
- Highest US state sales tax
- Highest US state buisness taxes
- Highest US state income tax
- Highest US state gasoline tax
- Highest paid teachers (and one of the worst performing states) in the US
Just to illustrate my point with some actual figures, my work handed out a sheet today of payroll deductions for 2009. Since we are spread across several states, this one sheet had a listing of the changes for all the locations we presently reside. For supplemental wages, such as bonuses & vacation pay, there is a seperate additional withholding tax rate. Lets see if you can pick out the state which is the biggest theif.
Alabama: 5%
California: 9.3%
Colorado: 4.6%
Maryland: 5.5%
New Mexico: 4.9%
New York: 7.5%
Nebraska: 5%
Ohio: 3.5%
So yes, lets 'raise taxes,' you worthless Sacramento vampires.

It's just great to live here.

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