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Tuesday, January 6, 2009
a four star flick!
I believe, and have way back since Tomb Raider, that Angelina Joile is ridiculously hot. And luscious. Hot and luscious. However, i'm sad to say, that since 'Gone in 60 Seconds', any movie staring the actress has absolutely just bombed. Let's just look at the trail of carnage:
- Tomb Raider 2 - Alexander - Mr. & Mrs. Smith - The Good Shepherd
As a matter of fact, since 2001, any movie with the actress playing a prominent role has only detracted from any possible enthusiasm for a film. Well, i'm happy to say that this may all have turned around with the making of her latest movie: Wanted.

It's not often that i recommend a movie, and if you like action, mixed in with just a touch of hyper-reality, then this is most definitely a movie for you. It's simply wonderful. Almost like Matrix wonderful. As a matter of fact, i'm willing to say that so far in 2009, this is my absolutely most favorite movie of the year.

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