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Friday, January 2, 2009
Hello there, New Year
Well, here we are! We made it, albeit by a hair, out of 2008 (may it rest in peace). Twenty-o-eight was a wild one, full of adventure, heartbreak, economics and politics, and now that we're staring down another year of complete and utter uncertainty, lets reminisce about the past whilst thinking what the future can hold.

2008 was scary. Very scary. I did more in May than most people did all year. The big thing was, how do i say this lightly, 'growing up'? Yep, i moved out of Never-Never land, in with my lady, and embarked on the quite scary prospect of parenthood. The economy's shit hit the fan, yet i managed to get my wits about me and pull off a pretty amazing comeback . I'm happy to say that on Jan 2, i'm well in the green, which is more than i can say for some of those investment guru billionaires out there.
Advice? Well, I believe the key to the stock market is to not get emotionally attached to stocks. One can easily 'fall in love' with a company such as Apple, but you really need to look at stocks as entirely different beast; a whore, really. You know, like a one night stand. You buy her, then you sell her. You don't take her home to meet the family and you never marry her. When a stock stops performing, you need to be able to cut the cord and move on. Quickly. Or you'll end up like the DOW: down down down . Prediction for 2009? The price of energy is going through the f-in ROOF. Invest accordingly!

I guess this is the spot where i make my new years resolution? Ok, fine.
Number 1 (and only) - write more blogs!
yes, you heard it here. I've been slacking, to say the least, when it comes to my on-line presence. And while facebook is slowly taking over the world, i am happy to say that i've been able to hold out thus far. Those of you who are really curious enough about me to actually come to my website will no longer be left in the cold. This means more pictures, more timely updates, and maybe a redesign or two? Who knows! Either way, although i won't go nearly as far as a twitter feed, i will promise a MINIMUM of 6 posts a month from here on out.

Yea, i could be a little more creative about my future here in the brave new USofA, but why push it? I'm going to have a hard enough time buying a house, moving into it, moving completely out of my parents (finally), getting married, turning 30 (..shiver..) and i'm sure a slew of other quite important things, such as raising a child. So gimme a friggin' break, alright! Jeesh.

2009, here i come. I'll try not to skin my knee...

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that guy  posted on  Thursday, January 22, 2009

what? No shiver Re: the getting married part?

maggie  posted on  Sunday, September 6, 2009

thanks a lot "that guy"... i take it you're not happily married?!

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