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Monday, November 3, 2008
totally over the politics
I'm getting real sick of this election. I'm not one to usually complain about it, but it is seriously getting ridiculous. The News covers it 24/7. The papers & radio hosts talk ONLY about it. You can't go online without reading some poll or some opinion on the whole stupid thing.

What makes it even worse, is that both of the front running candidates are total douche bags.
On one side you have the #1 most liberal senator ever, whose narcissism & socialist views want to make me puke, and who's idolizing followers don't even know who his VP is, let alone what policies he really stands for.
The other side has a double talking, on-the-edge trigger-happy interventionist that wants to take over the world militarily, yet completely open the borders at home to whatever wants to crawl into our country.

Don't even get me started on both of their economic and 'free for all' bailout policies.

And if your ear isn't talked off by a loyalist to one of the two parties, you hear ridiculousness about voting for the 'lesser of two weevils'. WHAT about the other half-dozen candidates running for president?! What conspiracy is afoot to cause their names to not even be MENTIONED in any newspaper, radio, or TV channel?
This is pure insanity! Of course i have always believed that acting and voting your conscience is the ONLY way to live your life. But it takes such determination to vote for a candidate whose name will be seen/heard for the first time on the actual ballot by no less than 80% of the country. Not to mention that the statistical probability of the 20% of voters who had heard of the candidate actually voting for him in lieu of everything else, would be silly small, basically 'wasting' their vote, and hence psychologically strangle-holding one into voting for, in fact, the candidate that made you feel less likely to gnaw your arm off after finding out the next morning that you did indeed sleep with "the fat girl" after a drunken night of tequila, stale bar snacks and karaoke.

so what am i really saying? This election, regardless of the outcome, will have me curled up in my home, next to the fireplace, with a sweet bottle of bourbon, knowing that i've had absolutely no say in whichever evil will ride us, and ride us hard, from 2008 into the damp, wet mist of the next four years.

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brian  posted on  Monday, November 3, 2008

that's a great idea, until they come and turn of the gas for your fireplace..

Konrad  posted on  Monday, November 3, 2008

Bourbon is not the answer, just gives you a hangover the next day. You young guys have to get off your butts and DO something! First of all, convince everybody you know to vote their conscience, not for the "lesser of two evils." Second, make sure that everybody you vote for is a constitutionalist. Third, write and call your representatives to make sure they do their job, especially fight a rampant vote fraud. Otherwise, pretty soon not only your gas will be rationed, but you end up in one of those Halliburton-built gulags after writing such a blog.

maggie  posted on  Thursday, November 6, 2008

perhaps you should ask all those so-called uniformed voters and you might just find out that not only do they know OBAMA'S policies, but also LOVE his VP!!! not only is BIDEN a great candidate, but his life has been amazing and anyone who's been through all of that and still comes out of it a stellar, inspiring, and optimistic human being is truly remarkable!!!

Foolosug  posted on  Friday, December 11, 2009

eh... nice thoughts

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