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Saturday, October 25, 2008
The Alexander Report, Part III
This edition of the Alexander Report is long overdue! Let's see what has happened in the last month. Alexander is now just over 5 months old. The doc said on the last visit that he's right on the average for height & weight. He's gotten quite chatty of late. He seriously sounds like a friggin' pterodactyl. It's down right scary. We've got some sound clips of him that i'll have to put up later. I mean take a look at his picture. Similarity? He's a spitting image! Here he is playing with one of his close friends.

When he gets really excited, he opens his mouth and his hands start shaking with anticipation. It's pretty funny. As always, he's smiling from sun up till sun down. He's quite interactive, and doesn't really like to be left alone. I'm happy to announce that Alexander had his baptism on October 11th! He now officially has his own guardian angel, watching him 24/7. He's getting really strong now. He can hold his head high when he's on his belly, and he'll start crawling any day now. That scares me a little bit. That means when i put him down somewhere, there is no guarantee that he'll be there when i get back! That's bit disconcerting. In addition to his neck strength, when he grabs your finger with his hand, he really GRABS it. It can be pretty tough to get him to let go. Kind of like a pit bull, except with no teeth. And speaking of teeth, he's starting to teethe! That's not good for us, as he's whining a bit more, but what can you do? I've solved the problem by feeding him his favorite 'zimna kaczka,' which as everybody knows, is a cold duck. He loves it, and it numbs his gums a bit. Well, that's about all the developments of late. We'll let you know if he's sprouted wings or antennae in the next couple of weeks, and becomes a serious pest. Check back here for more Alexander updates!

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ryan  posted on  Thursday, October 30, 2008

dude that baby is Waayyyy to cute to belong to you

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