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Monday, June 2, 2008
craziest month of MY LIFE
It's always been my favorite month, for many reasons. It's the start of summer. It allegedly brings fresh flowers (after the April showers). It's just a nice month all around.
Well, May 2008 was a wee bit different.
Not to be outdone, ever May was, for lack of a better word, AMAZING.
Lets start from the top.
May 3rd
My very first and absolutely beautiful baby Alexander was born, making me an instant papa. That should be more than enough for anyone...
May 5th
My 5 year anniversary working for The Aerospace Corporation. Can you believe it? I've been in this business since 2003!
May 11th
Mother's day. I got to celebrate this with my momma, my new baby's momma, and my baby's momma's momma.
May 16th
I graduated from USC! Celebration!
May 17th
The 4th annual South Bay Flip Cup Tournament. Will flip for beer takes 3rd place!
Followed by Jamie & Mark's Ice Luge B-day party. Yea!
May 23th
Indian Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull comes out! Yay Indy!
May 29th
Because it's my 29th Birthday on the 29th, it makes it a GOLDEN birthday! My lady Sarah planned an awesome surprise Party for me at barnacles with my friends from all over So Cal. Huzza!

And that concludes a most amazing month.

PS - i've just added a ton more pictures! check 'em out!

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somebody  posted on  Friday, January 2, 2009

i'm glad you're still alive!

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