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Wednesday, June 4, 2008
The Monthly Alexander Report
I'm gonna be starting a monthly baby report, at least for a while. So here we go, month #1!
As most of you know, last month was pretty big for me. Details. Now that Sarah's mom, Mrs. B, is gone, things have been a little bit tougher around the house. It's hard to prepare for your first kid. Being a dad is a totally different experience from anything i've ever known or done. The hardest part for me is patience. When he starts crying, and you've tried everything you know, it takes a tremendous amount of self control not to get frustrated. I set him down, take a deep breath, and walk away for about 1 minute. I put in some earplugs and then go back into the fray. It's tough not to take things personally. You tend to question your abilities as a dad when you've tried every trick in the book and he just won't stop crying. Fed? Check. New diaper? Check. Insert 'ANY' soothing technique here. FAIL. It doesn't happen too often, thank goodness, but when it does it can be, um... trying. You may not belive it, but this little guy right here is, literally, what all the fuss is about.

I was reading an article the other day about how the inventor of the Segway has created a mechanical arm to help out veterans who have lost limbs. He calls it the 'Luke arm' and it's fully mechanical with 14 degrees of motion. The story is here. What really got me about it was all the research he did in regards to the number of amputees out there. He specifically recalls one conference about a guy with one arm missing. He was up-beat and positive, and saying that he was the luckiest guy ever because he's right handed and lost his left arm. He recounted how many people he knows lost their primary arm, and it is 1000 times harder for them to adjust. He is thankful for the luck he's had. And then with a smile, he pushes himself away from the table, and shows that he has no legs.

Little Alexander may be hard to deal with occasionally, but he has 10 fingers and 10 toes, and is perfect in every sense of the word. I thank God every day for the blessing he has given to me and Sarah. I am the one that feels lucky today, in my story.

Now where did I put that pacifier…..

Till next time,
the luckiest parents ever

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