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Sunday, January 30, 2005
Valet Hell
I will never, EVER valet park again. Last night i went out to PHH. we were all supposed to meet in LUCE, a restaurant in Beverly Hills. Parking was tight, so after circling i found a parking garage. It was valet, but only 5 buck. I was like, sweet. So gave the guy my keys and went in. Had a good time and met a TON of cool people. As the night went on and the drinks went down, about half of us decided to go to a club dancing. They had the standard girls get in free before 10 deal. So us guys went early too. Somehow one of the girls sweet-talked the bouncer and we ALL got in for free! Good thing too, because the drinks were SILLY expensive! My first drink - long island - $12. That's right. And it was small, too. But it was S-T-R-O-N-G, so that was good! Anyway, danced the night away. Rippin' up the dance floor. I don't even remember the name of the club. Around midnight thirty, people started leaving. So i took off too. Made it back to parking garage, and guess what. closed. that's right. no one around anywhere. So i'm asking everyone i see. My car was the only one down there. I talk to the restaurant. I talk to two mexicans who were hanging around. It is FREEZING outside, and i'm wearing nothing but a tee-shirt. I call the cops, they arrive, assess the situation, and then proceed to inform me that i'm screwed. Finally i get a hold of the 24hour operator for the complex and she calls the manager. He drives over to the valet, who was sleeping, wakes him up and they both drive over. SO like 2am, they show up with my keys. I pay em' and i'm FINALY in my car. My sweet, sweet car. I crank up the heat to MAX and head home. Oh, damn valet. Never again.....

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