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Monday, March 31, 2008
a crazy, crazy weekend
Thursday afternoon, straight after work, i fly to Salt Lake City, Utah. Why am i flying there, you may ask? Because it's Mr. Friberg's Bachelor Party!

So i've never been to Utah before, and this was bound to be one weekend i wouldn't soon forget. The weather was not bad at all, in the high 20s when i arrived. I met some of the crew, and we went pretty much straight to the bar, where John & the rest of the boyz were hanging. Our hotel was right on the mountain in Park City. Sweet.
The first thing that i noticed when i walked in the bar was that the three people at the door had accents. Really funny accents. Like they were from Australia or something. I didn't pay much attention; i was simply excited to be there. I order a round. The Bartender also had the same accent. Whatever, i think. The party begins.

One of the most interesting things about John's other cohorts, is that they were from all over the place. We had a number of state-side folks, from Chicago, New York, Boston, Illinois. Then, we had Brit, a Pole (not me), and a Russian. Of course, John is originally from Belgium, so that made for quite a mix of craziness. Totally nuts! So out of the 9 of us, i was the only Californian. Pretty cool how you become close friends with people from halfway across the globe!
Well, back to the story. So there's a table of girls next to us, and naturally our groups start to mingle. I listen to the girls. But i don't understand what they're saying. I try really, REALLY hard to follow the words that are coming out of this girl's mouth. Am i drunk? Nope. Only on drink number two. I move to another girl. The same thing. It's like trying to have a conversation with a garbage disposal. Every other sentence i say is 'whaaaat?' If their accent was any thicker, you could slice it up and serve it for dinner. The only one of us who is having any luck what-so-ever is our UK friend, and that's because he's got a crazy accent too! Turns out, they're from New Zealand. The whole lot of them.

So what's going on here? Well, Utah is really known for two things: Skiing, and Mormons. I've got no problem with Mormons. As a matter of fact, i respect their self-control. We could all have a little bit more self control, that's for sure. Well the problem is when you get a whole bunch of them together. Now obviously, a Ski Resort without booze is about as useless as a coconut in an elevator, so clearly it can't be banned. Bars & clubs, whether you can admit it or not, are a staple of any modern society. So they end up making all these strange rules, just to pretend that the above situation doesn't really exist.
For example, you can't have just a bar, because that's bad. So that means that the places have to be dual purpose, like it has to have a full restaurant attached to it. Or the fact that you must charge a cover, no matter what. Or how about this gem: you can't order a double drink. Nope. They have these things that they put on the bottles that measure out exactly one ounce. So what everyone does is simply order a 'sidecar.' That's just a shot of the same liquor in a glass next to your drink. And that's what everyone did, time after time.
But the real point is that the Mormons don't want to work in these places. As a matter of fact, is seems that they don't want to work at all! For the rest of the trip, anywhere we went, and pretty much anyone we talked to was either from Australia or New Zealand. The story is that during 'holiday,' they all come over en-masse to work. They work the bars, the restaurants, the hotels, the ski resorts. they're EVERYWHERE. And they come to Utah, of all places. But the system works somehow, so i guess it is what it is.

Well, the rest of the trip went pretty much like this:
- wake up at 9am
- go snowboarding
- party/relax/meet chicks in the hot tub
- eat dinner & pre-party
- hit up the town
- go to bed at 3am

I had an awesome time, met some great guys, and got my arse kicked by the mountain. This was unfortunately the first time that i went boarding this season, so i was MAJORLY hurting on the second day. In addition, i had to wake up at 7am on Sunday to make my flight home. Why so early, you may ask? Well, because i'm moving.

That's right. After a four day bonafide bachelor party bonanza, i got home and spent the next 10 hours cleaning, painting, scrubbing, packing, lifting, and driving.
I got to bed about 1am last night (after kicking Brady out of my friggin' bed), and was up at 7am to greet the cleaning crew. I am totally wiped, and running on steam. After work today i'm gonna need to finish the rest of the packing & moving, and then have the walk through with the landlady.

Was it worth it? Hells yea.
Here's a shout out to my Utah crew, and when we met again, we'll do it up right (no kiwis or aussies!) - Cali style.

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someone  posted on  Monday, March 31, 2008

where are you moving?

MMM  posted on  Wednesday, April 2, 2008

to a land far, far away

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