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Friday, January 28, 2005
'L' doesn't mean Lucky
Last night i went out to the bars again. I met this cute blond with long hair from Texas named Leanne. We started talking and she told me about how her friend lives near by so it's cool they can walk home and don't need a sober driver. Then she went on about how she's sad she won't be able to come in here any more. So i ask why. She tells me that she's breaking up with her girlfriend. And at first i was like oh, that's too bad. Disagreements and what not. But i was thinking 'breaking up' was a funny way of putting it. So we keep talking and she tells me that it would be weird for her friend to see her here with another girl. And there it was. Again. I kid you not, i swear i'm cursed. I decided to go home and spend my evening with an intimate episode of Law and Order.

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