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Saturday, March 1, 2008
Ode to the kegerator
It was for the best of times,
it was for fun.
The laughs we shared,
You really were the one.

A long, hard day at work
saw us tired and sad
but a quick pint from you,
and we were quite glad.

Those hot summer days,
roasting, sweating outside,
but our bellies were cool,
you helped the days just glide.

You made us happy,
and filled us with glee,
for nothing in the world
could compare to your bubbly.

The smooth refreshing taste,
The cold crisp beer,
a beverage like this,
no man can fear.

To all the great stories,
that you helped us tell.
Good bye my friend,
so Long, and farewell.

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beerfest  posted on  Wednesday, March 26, 2008

un Becks?

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