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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
our biggest enemy is ourselves
I have long held the belief that humanity will be the ones responsible for their own demise. I don’t waste my time worrying about alien invasions from outer space or meteors that may be getting ‘too close’ to earth. There are plenty of things going on down here that are much more imminent to our destruction.
Now of course there is one family of though which indicates that infighting amongst humans (World Wars, etc.) will be what does us in. However likely this may be, it speaks more to the flaws of mankind rather than their intellect. What I’m getting at here is that it will be our ambitions that are the death knell for our species. It is our relentless quest for bigger, better, stronger. Our desire to make more powerful devices, stuff more and more energy into smaller packages. The ideas of endless energy without the contemplation of consequences. It is probably for the best that we have not developed fusion, as we would most likely have already blown up planet Earth. The striving for endless genetically engineered foods with no idea of its long-term effects. And, of course, the simple stupidity that is our quest for perfection.

Case and point: New Scientist is reporting that researchers have successfully added two 'unnatural' DNA letters to the code of life. They created two new artificial base pairs that are treated as normal by the enzymes that replicate and fix the DNA inside cells. This raises the prospect of engineering life forms with genetic code not possible within nature, allowing new kinds of genetic engineering.

I mean, seriously. REALLY? Why on EARTH would you want to do something like this?! I can see it now. New species are created and then mutate into super-powered human-like forms that rapidly reproduce and kill off all mankind. Don’t believe it can happen? Go see “I am Legend” with Will Smith. It’s in the theaters now.
And next time you want to play God, perhaps you’ll use that noodle on top of your shoulders for something that won’t potentially destroy humanity.

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