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Saturday, September 18, 2004
cleanup - Isle 9

So last nite i went to the market. As i was passing the beer isle, i had remembered that lately i had been drinking Johnny’s Guinness. I thought to myself, hey, I’ll buy him a case of beer. i scan the shelves. there it is. i grab the handle and slide it easily off the shelf. as its going into the cart, i hear a rip, and the other side of the case just opens. all the bottles pour out of the box, into the cart, shattering over my groceries. beer is everywhere. broken glass is everywhere. i stare at what just happened in shock. i look at my hand, and yup, the box is still there. empty. a voice over the loudspeaker snaps me back into reality. "cleanup isle nine. quickly." i couldn't help but to chuckle at the situation. and then the cleanup guy told me apparently I’ve had too much already. smart ass. he may have been right, but he was still a smart ass.

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