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Monday, October 1, 2007
Sunny San Fransisco
This past weekend was my brother’s 30th birthday. Hooray! He’s officially made it through 1/3 of his life! He has accomplished many feats that we are all proud of including graduating from college, following his dream to be a firefighter, getting married and buying his first house!
My parents and I few up there to celebrate this momentous occasion.
Here we are across from the Golden Gate Bridge.

It was quite windy in San Francisco, and looking out over the city a tremendous gust of wind blew both my brother and myself over the edge! In this frantic moment, as we clung for our lives, my mother decided to do what any foreigner would: snap a picture of us in our terror. Luckily, I managed to scale the wall first, and then help the old man my brother to reach safety again.

After this exhausting day filled with danger and sight seeing, we sat down to a nice dinner with the fam. Viva la Ian!

Aslo worth mentioning is the present I got for my brother. Not that I have a big head or anything (I do) or that I’m very proud of my gift (I am), I decided to go a different way than the usual ‘buy him something’ route. Since it WAS his 30th Birthday, I put in a little extra elbow grease and made him something from scratch. Since he loves surfing, I decided to make him a decorative surfboard that he could mount to the wall. It took a long, LONG time to make; I’m talking a good handful of weekends. But it was worth it to see the look on his face! Here’s a picture of the board.

And a picture of the inscription on the back.

I wish you 60 more years of happiness brotha!!!

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