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Tuesday, October 23, 2007
california burnin'
...How do we live when our world is turnin,’
How do we sleep when our beds are burnin’
The time has come, to say fair’s fair,
To pay the rent now, to pay our share…..

The lyics to this awesome song by Midnight Oil may seem a little bit drastic, but that’s exactly what’s going on in this golden state of ours. We have the most beautiful weather in the US. No hurricanes or blizzards, or tsunamis bother us here. Just earthquakes & fires. I guess it’s our turn.
California is under siege by one of the worst firestorms ever encountered. Here are the stats as of this afternoon:
- 350,000 acres gone (that’s bigger than entire New York City!)
- over 1,000 homes burned to the ground   update: 1,500
- half a million people evacuated from their residences   update: almost 1 million
- 3 freeways closed
- currently there are seven simultaneous fires in progress   update: 16 seperate fires, only 6 contained
- this is the worst fire ever recorded in San Diego’s history.

What caused this so called ‘perfect storm?’ Three things in combination. First off, we’ve had an extremely dry summer. Very little rain fall has accumulated in the last six months. As a matter of fact, I can only recall two or three days in the last half year that I saw rain. Second, the Santa Anna winds are here. Normally, wind blows in from the ocean, through California, and into Nevada. However, occasionally a high pressure system forms over the entire top of Northern California. This causes winds above this high pressure system to curve around and blow the opposite direction, from Southern California into the ocean. These winds are usually quite fierce and very warm.
Once you have these two conditions in place, all you need is a stray cigarette or two and a car fire, and the next thing you have is the entire southern coast of Cali ablaze.

Here are some pretty telling pictures.

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