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Monday, August 27, 2007
four score and seven-hundred degrees ago
This past weekend I went to Virginia. Oh BOY was it an adventure! The reason for the trip was my fraternity brother Joe’s wedding! He wasn't just any brother, though. He was my class's Pledge Master!
Joe had met a beautiful girl named Lina, and they were to wed this weekend. I flew up there with my girlfriend a day early so that I could spend some time in downtown DC. I've never been there and have always wanted to go. This was a great opportunity to see the mall and all of it’s associated museums, monuments, and memorials.
I stayed with my buddy Keith, to whom I must give the biggest shout out in the world. He not only put us up in his home, fed us, lent us his car, but also chauffeured us around at all times of the day. He is my HERO! Thank’s Keith!

So my impression of the adventure can be summed up in one word: HOT.

I have experienced New York summers, lived in central Arizona for a few years and have frequented the city of Las Vegas. But nothing could have prepared me for the weather in Washington DC. It was unbelievably hot, muggy, humid, and sticky. The instant I went outside I immediately lost 3 pounds as all of my clothing sagged with sweat. The sun shone above, heating the thick soup that was the air. It wasn’t tough to breathe, but unbearable to be in. Add into the equation a full 8 hours spend walking the mall and sight seeing one monument after another, along with trekking a combined 5 or 6 miles, an you’ve got yourself a quick preview of hell.

I want to say that DC was beautiful. I want to say It was pretty emotional to see the thousands of names on the Vietnam Memorial, and to read the quotes inscribed in stone on the Thomas Jefferson Monument (it was). I want to say how beautiful the cherry trees were and that the excitement at the Air and Space Museum was hard to match. But every time I think of my trip, my brow beings to dampen, and I get visions of swimming pools and ice cream. The weather was absolutely horrendous.

Regardless, it was beautiful. Here are a bunch of pictures from DC:

The next day was Saturday. It was the day of the wedding. The wedding was held in a church in Virginia, and the reception was 4 hours later somewhere 45 minutes away in Maryland. Well, there may have been a good reason for this arrangement, but the end result, at least for me, was terrible. Not knowing where I was or where to go, I got lost constantly driving around on all sorts of highways and in a general circular fasion. Every person we asked for directions either gave us the wrong ones, or used terms like North & South while the exits would say Burlington and Maryland. Very confusing.
Three hours go by.
Finally we make it there, about 30 minutes late. Of course, let me add to the conundrum the beautiful weather scenario from above, the fact that the car which we were driving had no Air Conditioning, and the suit which I had chosen to wear was made of wool.

Far – geeeed – aboutit.

We eventually made it to the reception, which I am sorry to say, was held outside.
We just couldn’t get a break.

None the less, the reception was beautiful, and as soon as the sun set, a tremendous crack of lighting struck, and it began pouring rain like no tomorrow.
The rain was nice and fresh, and it FINALLY gave me a chance to cool off. I danced out in the rain for about 10 minutes, and that was enough to make me forget about the discretions of the earlier day. Here are pictures of the wedding!

All in all, it was, honestly, a really good time. It was awesome seeing ma boyz again, and spending some quality time with some great people. But I must now say with firm confidence: there’s a snowball’s chance in hell I’d ever move there. The weather in Southern California is simply worth every stinkin’ penny.

Congratulations Joe & Lina!!

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bizquik  posted on  Thursday, August 30, 2007

One reason you were hot is b/c you wore jeans! Hot + humid = NO JEANS!!! Welcome to the East Coast, cali boy!

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