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Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Once every 6 or so weeks, I get set up to San Francisco for work. You know, those palm trees wonít buy & sell themselves! Any-hoo, I make it a point to visit my brother. Heís the only one of the clan that doesnít live in Southern Cali. So itís nice to catch up on his ní mad doggís live, and he has a chance to find out whatís up with the rest of the fam. Pretty good deal.
I give him a call and we decide to meet at his place at 3pm. I show up on time and ring his doorbell. Nothing. I knock on the door. Nothing. I give him a call, and find out heís about 1 hour away and went diving. BOO I say! I drive out to him, and he canít even be home?
Well Iím exhausted, and I take a nap in the rental car. (Itís an í07 Dodge Charger, in case you wanted to know) He shows up an hour later and guess what heís got for me??
A surprise! He came home with 3 beautiful aborigines. No, not the short, Australian natives. The ones that live in the ocean. They were like 7 or 8 inches in diameter, and so cool looking! I was at first a little nervous, but he took me through the steps and from start to finish cleaned, prepared, seasoned, and cooked the lilí guys up.

You must be wondering, how it tasted. Well, it was interesting. It looked kind of like swordfish, but not as tough. It was much less rubbery than octopus, and not slimy at all like mussels. It has a barely noticeable inherent taste to it: just enough to know itís from the sea. Since you only eat the Ďfootí part, itís pure protein. It tasted primarily like the seasonings, which were garlic, butter & olive oil.

Overall a pretty neat experience. Although not really worth the effort as a means of nourishment. It took my brother 2 hours drive round trip, plus 2 hours diving for them, half an hour cleaning off his gear, and then another two hours preparing it.
And as an added bonus, heís gonna let me take home a shell! Awesome!

Tomorrow I get to visit our long lost friend Yoko Ono for the first time since she moved up to San Fran. Iíll see how sheís faring, and inform the rest of our buddies back home on what trouble she has finally gone and gotten herself into. Now I have another person to visit up here!

San Francisco is becoming so much fun!

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me  posted on  Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I thought these are called abalones.

marky mark  posted on  Tuesday, August 21, 2007

ha ha ha. that's what you think .... Trebek

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