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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
10 years is half a lifetime
This past Saturday was my 10 years High School reunion. Iíve got only one word to say: WOW.
It really blows your mind how people change and how time passes. Let me give you a little background firstÖ
I went to Santa Margarita Catholic High School. It was a pretty cool school located in beautiful Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange County, California. I played water polo & swam for all 4 years. It was a great experience, and I made a lot of friends. Anyway, I graduated from there in 1997 with a class size of just over 400 people. I moved on with my life, staying really good friends with half a dozen or so people, and an occasional run-in with others there after. Everybody else, Iím sure, did the same.
Fast forward to 10 years later.

At this point I havenít really seen more than a dozen or so of my classmates. And then BAM! The reunion hits. All of a sudden, reality is thrown smack in my face. People that werenít that good looking back then looked fantastic. The vast majority of the girls were married, and some even had kids. My friends had grown up to be successful members of the community. Lawyers, Doctors, CIA agents, Real-estate moguls, and even a few smarty pants going for their PHDs. It completely blows your mind.
I was bummed that only about 150 people showed up. And there were quite a few people that I would have liked to have seen, that were MIA. Too bad. Iíll admit that at first I was scared to go, but with some prodding, I decided to go. I donít regret it at all.

There are some great people out there that you tend to lose touch with. Everyone has a path in life. Life goes on, no matter which path you chose, and when those paths cross again, itís pretty amazing. You can actually see the metaphorical time in the real, physical world. Itís mind boggling and it makes you think about your life quite a bit.
Could I have done more? Could I have traveled more? What opportunities in life did I pass up for others? You can look back and see how the choices you made have brought you to where you are now, and itís quite a trip to hear about the same from other people. Most people havenít moved more than 50 miles from school. Some live in other countries.

Going to a reunion shows you that life is so full of unlimited possibilities. How you live your life is entirely up to you. But come ten years from today, where will you be??

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