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Thursday, July 19, 2007
no more eBay??
Here’s an interesting article about two cases that are currently slated to go to court. Two companies claim that it is illegal, and even an infringement of their copyright, to sell products on eBay at costs below market value. These companies have underhandedly blocked seller’s auctions of their products because customers were buying from other places instead of from them.
As usual, this is simply a bunch of crap. Who determines the market value of a product? If it is the buyer, who wishes to spend as little money as possible, then the price will be near zero. If it is the seller, seeking to always maximize profit, then technically the sky is the limit. It is, however, neither. The market value of a product in a free market is the price point that the market will bear. As in, the best price negotiated between a buyer and a seller for any given service.
This is why eBay has been such a great tool for determining the average price of any given products, from iPods to Real-estate. I pray the courts realize the power of auctions in a free society, and make the right decision.

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maggie  posted on  Thursday, July 19, 2007

i don't know if it's that simple. what about the shareholders? don't they then lose profit, and the stock goes down... and then your money goes bye-bye?!

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