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Thursday, May 31, 2007
the very near future?
I think so!! Just like in Minority Report, the future of computer inputs won’t be a mouse or a TV remote, it will be touch. Microsoft has just unveiled a new type of computer called “surface.” Think of it as those arcades game cocktail tables, except billion times more powerful and so much cooler.

The utility of something like this is almost never ending. For example, imagine taking pictures of an event of a digital camera. When you’re ready, you simply drop the camera on top to the table, and all of the photos will ‘spill’ out onto the desktop for easy sorting and viewing.

Or what if you could order your food without having to talk to a waitress straight from your table? When you’re done, the table will give you your total, and all you have to do to checkout is plop your credit card on the surface, choose a tip amount, and you’re done.

Phenomenal. Within 10 years, you will wonder how life ever existed without one of these things!

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