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Saturday, May 12, 2007
At the Tracks
Yesterday I went to the Horse tracks for the very first time! Iíve known about Hollywood Park, but Iíve never been. Let me tell you, what a blast!

Bill had this great idea for the four of us to take the bus there. In general, Iím not too keen on this LA public transportation system. It seems to me that the only people that take the bus are degenerates & other lowly creatures. But dang is it efficient! There was a stop about one block from our house, and for a mere $3, dropped us of right smack in front of Hollywood Park. Parking alone there costs $3, so we were already in the black!

First off, this place is BIG. I mean like major football arena big. There were many levels and tons of boxed seating. As far as the track, it was absolutely beautiful. There were two tracks, one inside of the other, and in the center was a gorgeous park. It was nice and green, filled with fountains reaching for the sky. There were lots of geese and even a bunch of flamingo prancing around the lakes and various pools. It was actually quite beautiful.

We chose to go on Friday because they had $1 beers & $1 dogs. Awesome! You could get a full meal for like five bucks. Good deal.

On to the horses! There were 8 races slated for the night; about one every 20 minutes. Since none of us had ever done this before, we were all coming up with random ways to pick our luck winner. For the first race I bet on the biggest horse, and it paid off. I won $4. The winnings were quickly consumed in celebration. After this, which I think was their evil plan, I started doing fancy bets. Bets on place, show, and even a Trifecta. Considering the bets were only $2 a pop, it was more experimental and fun than anything else.

Well long story short, I lost races 2 through 7, but Inspiration Within ended up pulling though for me and made me $12. Nice! Others from our party did pretty well too, with mikey pulling in a stalwart $80 for the night!

The story doesnít end there, however. After the races, they featured a band Ė Super Diamond. This was a Neil Diamond cover band, and boy were they good! We listened to them for about an hour and then went home. Not bad - $40 for an entire fun-filled evening!! If youíve never been to the tracks, youíve GOT to go at least once. Great times all around!

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maggie  posted on  Monday, May 14, 2007

i'm sorry... WHO picked Inspiration Within?! ;)

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