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Wednesday, January 5, 2005
that's gonna leave a mark
A few Fridays ago, December 17th to be exact, i went out to a bar with a friend. (The Saloon in Redondo Beach – it’s terrible!) Knowing that i planned on drinking, i decided we should both ride bicycles the short distance thus being responsible and not drinking and driving. Well, on the way home, i had what i will refer to as a 'braking mishap'. I was NOT intoxicated, for the record. To make a long story short, i braked really, really hard and ended up flying over the handlebars and landing on the pavement in front of me. Possessing cat-like reflexes (and an obvious lack of understanding of momentum) i landed on my wrists and rolled forward, coming to rest on my bum. After two weeks of a sore wrist, i got an x-ray done of my right hand. Today i went to see Dr. Halingus. The orthopedic doctor looked at my wrist and informed me of a fracture. The good news is no cast and no long term anything. The bad news is that i have to wear a wrist brace and no crazy activity for the next three weeks. Ahhh! No swimming, no working out, and no foose ball. Arrrgggg....

my wrist - upper ulna styloid fracture

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