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Monday, September 27, 2004
the sky is falling
On my way to work today, a lady, in quite a fervor i might add, stopped me and asked me for a ride to the police station. She was in her late 40s and said she was feeling faint. The police station is two blocks from my house, so i said sure why not. I let her in the car and off we went. So i asked her what was wrong. She started to tell me about the smell in the air. And that it wasn't skunks. I must admit, by the way, that i smelled nothing. She said that there were gas bombs. And that these gas bombs were some kind of military grade chemical weapons. She said she knows because she was in basic training. She kept going on about nuclear fall out and mushrooms clouds. And reaffirmed that she knew about these things because she was from Japan. She said that "they" were doing this to us now. That when the sky was hazy, you couldn't see the birds, you knew it was trouble. I looked up and indeed the sky was quite hazy. I should also add that i also live two blocks from the beach, and the morning fog rolls in quite often. So then she spoke of the gargantuan tsunami that was coming for the pier and hundreds of people were going to die. She told me to stay off the pier for the next few days. I told her i would. So we get to the police station and i let her out. She looks at me and says "they probably won't believe me." I didn't quite know what to tell her, so i just said "good luck." And that was it.

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