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Saturday, December 25, 2004
A meal fit for a king
Merry Christmas! These last few days have been EXHAUSTING! My brother, his wife, and i got together and decided to make a traditional Polish Christmas Eve Dinner for everyone. Only later did i find out that 'everyone' would actually be 15 people. Usually, this is my mother's job. During the holidays she goes nuts decorating the house. Then she spends days in the kitchen preparing the meal. This leads to her becoming very cranky and unpleasant. So the kids decided to do this task for her. My sister took care of the appetizers and desert. My brother and i would have the daunting task of preparing the actual dinner. From SCRATCH. Yes, that's right. We even rolled our own dough for the pierogi! Needless to say, after a day and a half of kneading, rolling, pressing, chopping, mashing and mixing, we had prepared quite a feast. Polska Salatka, Pierogi, Seared Fresh Albacore, Potatoes, Green beans and Pickled Herring littered the table. The Barszcz was stellar and by the time the desert came around my stomach was so full, the only thing i wanted was a nap. However, it was a smashing success! And now we shall all, thanks to the mounds of leftovers, enjoy this feast for the next few days to come.

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