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Monday, July 24, 2006
Gettin' Hitched!
Just got back from beautiful upstate New York. The weather was fantastic. Not too cold, and not too humid. We got a bit of rain, which was a treat because it hasn't rained here in like 2 months. And the air! So fresh! So clean.

Now the whole reason i went out there was for my buddy Dan’s wedding. Let me tell you! I don't think i've ever been to a classier wedding than this! Right off the get go, the church was packed. There had to be over 200 people there. The ceremony was nice, with lots of references to salt. I had no idea salt has so many uses! It's kinda funny too because there's a Polish saying specifically dealing with salt and marriage: "You don't really know somebody until you have finished a barrel of salt with that person." Yea, that's a long time, because, well, barrels are pretty darn big.

So anyway, this wedding was crazy. Shuttles picked us up from the hotel and took us to St. Thomas Church. The wedding party preformed admirably, and i'm glad that the best man Ken did indeed remember the rings. Alix the bride looked absolutely stunning, as usual, and the whole ceremony when off without a hitch. Afterwards, the shuttles then ferried us over to the reception at the Glen Sanders Mansion. Here's where the Czajka's pulled out all the stops. Fully catered with an amazing selection of wonderful appetizers, the guests were treated to a full open bar and plenty of champagne. The reception area overlooked a small lake, and the weather was perfect. A three piece jazz ensemble played live in the corner setting the mood just right.

Once we were taken into the main hall, the party really got started. The full 8 member band immediately got started with some great pieces as we found our seats. Each seat had its own mini bottle of champagne, and there were two open bars. Dancing and merriment ensued. It was a pleasure to see Jamie & Brittany, as there was a little bit of a concern they might not make it. Brittany was scheduled to pop in a matter of days. But that didn't stop em' from dancin' away!

The dinner was simply jaw-dropping. Lobster and prime rib?! Yes. You read me correctly. The surf-and-turf was overwhelmingly the most popular choice, as each person got their own lobster tail! Amazing! Lobster just happens to be my absolutely favorite dish!

More dancing and merriment ensued as the newlyweds preformed a nice swing dance for the audience. I got a chance to cut the rug a wee bit myself. I was, however, disappointed at the lack of the chicken dance (it was actually forbidden) and no garter/bouquet toss either. But we did have a conga line!
Both of these families were part or even mnostly Polish. In my hunt for someone that spoke more than a few words of Polish, i had the pleasure meeting a large part of the Czajka family, all who were absolutely wonderful. The moment that caught me off guard was when i introduced myself, for the first time, to the mother of the bride. Mrs. Czajka somehow knew my fraternity nickname and immediately shouted it out, making my face look like one of the lobster tails near by. How she knew, i will never know...

After the party, the shuttles ferried us back to the Hotel. But the boys and i couldn't just waltz by the newlyweds car without causing a scene. So we decorated their car with balloons and streamers, writing Just Married with deodorant on the back. Yay!

Now back at the hotel, it was only around 1am, with PLENTY of more time to party away. Everyone under the age of 30 flew down to the hotel bar where cheerfulness ensued. Being from Hermosa, and wanting to teach these crazy east coasters a thing or two, i immediately set up a flip-cup tournament! Oh, the good times!

So that was pretty much it. The next morning we went to brunch at the Czajka house and were able to reminisce about the night before, and wish the new couple a fantastic honeymoon in Aruba. I would like to add that apparently Troy is Revolutionary.
Afterward, i treated myself to a wonderful Stewart's Vanilla Malt and then got to see Chucky’s new place and, of course, little Aiden. What an awesome kid. Good for them, and i wish them the best on #2!

Overall, a wonderful trip. It was good to see the boyz, and i am honored to have been a part of this experience.

Dan & Alix, i wish you two the best in your, what i'm sure will be nothing less than electrifying future.

Images soon to come...

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me damnit  posted on  Wednesday, July 26, 2006

what is your nickname mark???

Maria  posted on  Friday, April 27, 2007

I went to Russell Sage with Alix! Wish her the best from me, Maria!

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