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Friday, December 3, 2004
Earlier today, I went to type something up on my computer. When I was finished, I looked up at the monitor (yes, I still look at the keyboard when I type…), and it was all gibberish. Rather than go through everything, I decided to start again, making sure to slow down and click each key. I looked up at the monitor upon completion, and once again, everything was garbage! I decide to try the 'peck and look' approach, making me feel like I have never used a computer before. AH HA! There's the problem! My 'E' key isn't working. So I pound on the keyboard. I whack it on the floor. No idea why it doesn't work. I found an 'e' somewhere else, and I copy it. I go to Ctrl+C it and when I paste it, nothing. A few try's later, and I realize that the 'C' key is also busted! Once I finished the alphabet game, I realize that 'D' is out of order as well. Great. YOU try typing even ONE sentence without using the letters 'C'D'E'. Time for a new keyboard….

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