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Friday, June 30, 2006
I’m dreaming of a beautiful lake. I’m in a boat with a gorgeous blonde girl, and she is singing a sweet melody of happiness. But what is that smell?? I put it out of my mind as I lean over to kiss her on the cheek. All of a sudden the lake turns putrid yellow and the girl is now wearing a Sari. I reel back and WHAM! I land on the floor of my bedroom. That smell!?! Oh, the pain...


i wake up this morning with a splitting headache, only to find that a family of Muslims had commandeered our kitchen. AGAIN. This was a LARGE family this time, i would like to add. And the curry & turmeric smell was, to say the least, over-FREAKING-whelming. I haven't seen this much yellow since the Vietnam War. Honestly, i lost my dinner. And there was no way i was going to have breakfast with that pan full of curry-a-la-murder looming on the range.

So alas it must come to this. I must insist that with my roommates there be implemented a new rule. try as i might, i could not get anything to rhyme, so i'll just lay it out for you.


Yes, i know i am a mean bastard and discriminating against all the other additives. But frankly, i'll take parsley and crushed red pepper over the other less significant spices any day.

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